Labor and LDP plan to burn cane growers — Senator Hanson

SENATOR PAULINE Hanson has demanded that Labor confirm if it plans to torpedo safeguards put in place to protect the Australian sugar cane industry. Senator Hanson explained Labor was planning to vote with the Liberal Democrats and remove a code of conduct that regulates the conduct of sugar cane growers, mill owners and marketers. “This is typical of the Labor Party. They have refused to step in and assist the cane farmers and their communities. They are nothing but talk when it comes to protecting Australian industry and business,” Senator Hanson said. “One Nation fought alone for this code of conduct, and now Labor is set to destroy the sugar cane industry because they would rather do the bidding of Wilmar’s lobbyists than listen to the needs of our cane growers.” “Have Wilmar’s donations to Queensland Labor silenced Annastacia Palaszczuk and allowed her colleagues to attack Queensland farmers.” One Nation was a key player in ensuring the code of conduct was brought in to assist Australian sugar cane farmers in their ongoing dispute with Wilmar Mills, a Singaporean-owned multi-national. “This is grossly irresponsible of Labor. They need to clear this up and end the uncertainty they continue to inflict on … Continue reading Labor and LDP plan to burn cane growers — Senator Hanson